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Changes on Cruelty
By Rudy K., Delta Secondary, Delta, BC

Why do most people see nothing wrong with the world's current  methods of meat production? There is so much torture that is inflicted upon the animals we have for dinner, yet not enough people seem to protest against it. I was watching the news the other day and it was showing what farmers do to chickens while getting them ready for slaughter. They were attached to a fence and would eat food constantly for a month until they were fat enough to kill. After they were taken off the fence, they couldn't even walk anymore because they were too big and were deprived of movement. They were then loaded into crates where they could barely move because the crates were so little. This is not a proper way to treat animals. Yes, there are a few places where the chickens get to run free and have a normal life before they get killed, and this does indeed cost more money, but is worth it because this is how all animals should be treated, and not tortured like most of them are.

Many farms bend the rules so much that it seems there are no rules anymore and so much more that people are getting away with than they should be. One farmer got sued once because he plucked the chickens alive. This doesn't happen anymore at this farm, but I am sure somewhere out there this is still going on and this is something that needs to be put to a stop. Maybe if people actually went by the rules nothing like this would be happening but it seems like society is falling apart because no one care about other feels, even the feeling of animals. Everything is about money and I know that this will not change, but things like animal cruelty could change if we had stricter rules and if we cared. I am not trying to put a stop to killing animals for our benefit, but I'm trying to say that changes need to be made on are methods of doing so.


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