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‘Friends to the End'
By Megan E., Delta Secondary School, Delta, BC

On Thursday, May 6, 2004, the sitcom "Friends" ended in a bittersweet season finale. Almost 8.2 million viewers watched the finale. Some say it was a great ending to the series of 10 years, but others say it wasn't what they expected. And others were undecided what to think. I am in that category of undecided.

It was great that the characters, Chandler (Mathew Perry) and Monica (Courtney Cox-Arquette) had an instant family, Rachel (Jennifer Aniston) and Ross (David Schwimer) finally got their relationship right. But what about Phoebe (Lisa Kudow) and her new husband Mike? What is Joey going to do? In the finale Phoebe wanted to have children and start a family. And it ended there. Are they going to have children, or aren't they? That's one mystery of mine.

Even though we won't have "Friends" on Thursday nights, we will still have one friend to keep us company, which is Joey (Matt LeBlanc). LeBlanc has agreed to have a spin-off from Friends called, Joey. The series will begin on NBC in September. Some critics said that the pilot was great. In this series, Joey will be moving to Los Angeles and working on his acting career with new characters of course. Some of the actors from "Friends" will be guest staring on the show.

Now that the show has ended some are unsure how to spend their Thursday nights. But here's a good idea, buy the series of "Friends" on DVD and watch them all. Or you could watch the new series, Joey. It's up to you what you want to do. But I know that the "Friends" fans will be remembering the great memories that they had with the show.


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