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Under My Skin
By Marlies D., Delta Secondary, Delta, BC

Avril Lavigne's new CD, Under My Skin, is excellent for girls. Her lyrics deal with subjects such as guy issues, home issues, issues with being yourself, family or friends slipping away, and being positive about life. One of the most popular songs on this CD is about a guy trying to pressure a girl into sex. The girl said no and the guy left her. Avril writes about how the girl is better off without him if he is going to be like that. She talks about how guys sometimes try to guilt girls into having sex but it won't work with this one and shouldn't work with other girls either. It is a very inspiring song.

In her song "Nobody's Home" she writes about how no one is home. How there is no one in the girl's life to comfort her. No one knows why the girl feels so sad but she has a lot of problems. The girl doesn't have anyone to trust so she hides her feelings. One of the song's messages is to be strong and fight your problems even if they are really hard. In a couple of songs, she discusses how you should be yourself and just have fun in life.

On the CD there is a song called "Slipped Away." She has dedicated it in loving memory to her grandpa. It is about losing someone you care about deeply and how it will never be the same without them. One of the song's messages is how you don't really know what you're missing until it is gone.

A really good thing about Avril's lyrics are that you can relate to them very easily. Avril Lavigne is a good role model for girls with the exception of the way she uses foul language in interviews and concerts. Avril writes her own lyrics. This is a great quality in an artist. Anyone who liked Avril's first CD should definitely check out this one.


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