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A Girl's World
By Sarah K., Delta Secondary, Delta, BC

Last weekend I saw the movie "Mean Girls", and even though it was good, it was really predictable. It starts out with the new girl Cady (played by Lindsay Lohan) on her first day of high school. She lived in Africa and was home schooled by her zoologist parents in her previous years. So, on her first day of school Cady befriends a said-to-be lesbian Goth girl (Sybilliya, played by Courtney Chase), and an openly gay guy. She even skips a class to be with them, while knowing it was wrong.

After a disastrous Halloween party, Cady is crushed by the fact her new friends, the "Plastics", are backstabbing and two-faced. This is supported by the fact Regina, the leader, kissed a guy Cady had her eye on, which was also Regina's ex boyfriend.

So Cady and her two real friends make up an evil scheme to get back at the "Plastics", mainly Regina, since she is dating the guy she knew Cady liked, and single handily ruining Sybilliya's life.

Unsurprisingly, Cady plays a lot of predictable, yet still amusing, pranks on Regina, and also starts to put some suspicion in Regina's followers' minds about Regina's intentions and comments. The "burn book" also plays a big role in all of this. The burn book is a book filled of pictures and mean comments about other people in the school.

But as a result of hanging out with these girls, Cady becomes one herself and forgets who she really is, and forgets who her real friends are. (To sum it up) the ending subtly teaches us morals and ethics. Just as I thought, the movie ends happy and everyone's problems work out nicely in just ninety-eight minutes.

This movie targets girls ages 12-20 and anyone else who knows what high school is really like. In some ways, though, the conclusion is a bit unrealistic, but I won't ruin that by telling what happened to make me think that.

Out of ten stars, I'd definitely give this movie an eight because being a girl myself, I know what it's like.


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