April 2003
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TADD Assembly Strikes A Chord With Students
By: Melissa V., Grade 12, Fredericton High, Fredericton, NB

The issue of drinking and driving is one that is of great importance to high school students. Designed to educate students on the risks and consequences of drinking and driving, the yearly TADD (Teens Against Drinking And Driving) multimedia presentation took place on March 27, 2003, with two presentations in the Fredericton High gym.

Alcohol seems to be such an important part of a lot of teenís lives today and though the legal drinking age is 19, this doesnít seem to stop underage teens from drinking. I think that it is very important that teens are educated on the risks, dangers, and consequences of drinking and driving as I believe that the more educated we are on the subject, the more sensible we can be when these situations arise.

The multimedia presentation is a good way to get the message across to high school students because of the way that it is delivered. It incorporates music videos, movie clips, and countless popular songs to really appeal to the teen audience while still getting the serious message across using real life experiences.

There is somewhat of a balance with the presentation because there are heartfelt and emotional segments with families recounting the death of a loved one in a drinking and driving accident. Then there is a song or music video played which gives the viewer an opportunity to reflect on what they have just seen.

The overall outcome of the presentation is that it really gets people thinking and it makes people realize that by drinking and driving they are not only endangering their own life, but the lives of others as well. It really brings it down to a believable level because the families portrayed are so easily related to our own families.


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