April 2003
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Flashy Show delivers serious message
By: Casey W., Grade 12, Fredericton High, Fredericton, NB

The lights dim and the crowd cheers as images of the hottest music groups flash on the screen. Hoots and hollers follow as clips from the movie “Men In Black 2" follow. Sounds like a scene from some sort of a dance party doesn't it? But don't be deceived.

On March 27th the annual TADD (Teens Against Drunk Driving) assembly took place - considered by many students to be the most entertaining assembly of the year at Fredericton High. But is entertainment really the point?

The scenes displayed throughout the 45-minute multimedia presentation were supposed to be provocative and thought inducing. The event was supposed to make you think about the risks that go along with driving under the influence. Instead we were left humming the tunes to the songs and replaying movie images in our heads. They could have at least related more of the movie clips to the theme of drinking and driving.

On the other hand, the movie did have some very powerful images. The actual recreations of the crash scenes and the images flashing of all the young kids who lost their lives evoked some very powerful emotions. The clips of all the extreme sports were also effective. They conveyed the message that these are people who chose not to drink and drive and look at them now - they are really living their lives to the fullest and testing all limits.

Should a presentation with such a serious message be so overwrought with marketing and pop culture? You could argue that it shouldn't but how else is one to capture the attention of those in the audience who are not really interested in hearing the message? They’re the ones who probably should be paying the most attention.

As long as there still is a division, blurry as it may be, between this serious message and the marketing that goes along with it, this video and ones to come will surely be played before many more student assemblies in the future. The message may not reach the entire student body but it will certainly affect a few and that’s a start.


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