April 2003
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Rotary Exchange Program
By Anais G., Exchange Student from France, Fredericton High, Fredericton, NB

Each year, more than 8,000 students from all over the world participate in a Youth Exchange Program administered by Rotary International.

Sarah G., a student from Fredericton High (FHS), was one, when she spent a year in Venezuela. She heard about a meeting, given by a local Rotary club, where they explained why the exchange program was such a good opportunity. Sarah was very excited by that. "Wow! I really want to do that!" she said. The same year, another girl from FHS left for Argentina.

Fredericton High is very active in the exchange program. It has received exchange students for many years. This year, there are two exchange students, one from Venezuela and one from France, who have had the chance to spend their year here.

Karin G., who arrived from Venezuela in August, said, that she has a great time, and she really appreciates Canada. "It's not just the language, but also the culture," she said.

Indeed the Rotary exchange program focuses on the fact that the student has to adapt to a new country. She or he has to learn the language but also has to accept the differences from her or his own culture. Karin also told us: "it helps me to develop myself, to build a stronger personality. I have grown in independence."

The rotary exchange program helps teens to understand the world around them in a much broader sense.

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