April 2003
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Is it puppy love or more?
By: Kayla Hounsell, Gander Collegiate, Gander, NL

“I love you.” These are just three little words, but the meaning behind them is immense. While they may be very small in length, they exceed limits in strength.

I think too many people say these three words without taking into account what they are actually saying. Love is something that should be taken very seriously and should be treasured with care. The question is: How do you know when you’re in love?

Adult views
Although it bothers me to say this, I know that it is true that most adults really believe that teenagers cannot really be in love. They seem to think that it is impossible for two young people to share such strong feelings. They believe that teens are still little kids who couldn’t possibly experience such a feeling. Actually this can be considered a form of stereotype. Just because some teens fall into the category of having case after case of the so-called ‘puppy love’ does not mean that all teens do.

Living in our society today, it is painfully obvious to see that there are very few marriages that actually stick to the vow of ‘til death do us part’, but there are some young couples out there that vow to love each other unconditionally, and then they stand by each other through thick and thin. Take my family for example: My parents have been together since they were teens and they remain happily married to this day. This proves that those adults are wrong and that teens actually can find true love.

The right age
I don’t think there is actually a correct age for a person to fall in love. I guess that’s why I believe that it is possible for teens to fall in love. Some young people who have not yet matured to the point to realize the true meaning of the word love, tend to use it too often. In many cases when a young girl/boy claims to be ‘in love’ it is often just a case of ‘puppy love’ but I really believe it is possible for teens to experience those special feelings, and while it may be rare, sometimes teenagers do fall in love forever.

Just a feeling
Since there is no right age for a person to fall in love, many people are troubled over how you should know when it happens to you. But that’s just one of the tough tings about love.

I guess the only way to say it is that “you’ll just know when it happens to you.” From what I’m told, love is a feeling of total contentment. The feeling of happiness from just being with the person, being able to be completely comfortable with that person in any way, and having such strong feelings for that person that you feel as though you can’t be apart from them. Love is for people of all ages but just because it is possible for you to find love in your teenage years, that doesn’t mean that you have to.

There’s a old saying “You shouldn’t go looking for love, love will come to you.”


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