April 2003
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Pregnant? Teens should know their options
By: Kayla Hounsell, Gander Collegiate, Gander, NL

“No!” It is a simple two letter word. But let me ask you this. If this word is so simple, why do so many young girls find it so hard to say? Most teenage pregnancies are due to the fact that girls simply do not know how, or are afraid to say this very tiny, yet powerful word - No.

In other cases, the problem results from lack of maturity. Many young couples are afraid, embarrassed or ashamed to use protection. They are afraid of who will find out, and what others will say. In my opinion, if any teen feels this way, it is a prime example that they are not ready to engage in any form of sexual activity.

However, no matter how much we tell girls to stand up for themselves, how much we stress the use of protection, or how careful we may be, there’s no denying the fact that there are indeed cases of unwanted, teenage pregnancies. While this will change a young person’s life drastically, there are options available.

While teenage pregnancies are most always unwanted, there are so many couples today who are hoping and praying every day for a baby. Many women are unable to conceive, and would give anything to be able to hold a tiny infant, and call it their own. Although the bond between mother and child is so incredibly strong and unbreakable, if the baby is taken away upon birth, it can be dealt with. This is probably the best option as the child is assured the best possible care.

Another option is abortion. By definition abortion is the expulsion of a fetus prematurely. In other words, it is the act of eliminating the unborn ‘baby’ before it is developed. Many people, such as myself, look down upon this option because it is ending a life that has not yet had a chance to live. Still, others agree that it is better to end a life than to have the child grow up in an unstable environment.

Keeping the baby
No matter how drastically a young mother would have to change her life once she has given birth, keeping the baby remains an option. Most people think that this means an automatic downfall for the child’s future. However, this is not necessarily so. If the mother is a independent, mature, intellectual young woman, with a supportive family, it is possible for her to raise her child to be a successful and accomplished human being.

Controlling your fate
Whatever you do, just remember that no one controls what happens to you, except you. You are the one who makes your decisions. Wait until you know you are ready. That way, when the time finally does come you won’t have to go looking for an ‘option’.


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