April 2003
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The Love Scene
By: Sara B., Grade 12, Fredericton High, Fredericton, NB

As I walk through the hallways of Fredericton High, it seems every corner I turn, I find myself staring at a couple groping, caressing and yes even tongue down your throat, making out. I often find myself giving them dirty looks, but oh no, they can't see me, they are far too busy to notice the disgust that has been brought over my usually happy face. So I thought to myself, why do I get the urge to throw up at the sight of these extremely open couples? And I figured it out, these couples who seem to think they are the only ones in existence, are in grade 9! Sure I know they are not that much younger than me, but I don't ever recall being that intimate with a member of the opposite sex at that age, and especially in public places. This brings me to think that as teenagers, are we growing up too fast? Why would we want to grow up fast, we have it perfect as it is right now.

Teenagers see the hot reality shows on television like Temptation Island or the steamy love infested scenes on The Bachelor and think, "Wow! If only life was really like that!" And then start scheming plans to make their life just as what they think is interesting. They find themselves a "boyfriend" maybe of the same age, sometimes of older grades. They meet over the highly technical dating program, ICQ, then they hang out at the mall for a few hours until the security guard kicks them out, then at that very moment, they become a "couple". Everything changes now, who you hang out with and when you hang out with them. After a couple of weeks of being driven to the movies by your parents, you finally are at that point in the relationship, you're in love.

This is what I don't get with the younger population at our school. How could you think you are so far in love after a few weeks of just beginning to know the person? I should be the last person to give love advice, but honestly, I don't think they would know love if it hit them on the side of face a few times. But wait, here is my favourite part. After the 6 weeks you spend with your long time lover, things start to fall apart, he/she wants to hang out with his/her friends more, they just need more space. And then here it comes....the breakup. Obviously you have to make it this big drama and make lies up about each other. Then you say I'll never fall in love again. But you soon fall out of that stage, a week later when you meet your next love on the trusty old ICQ.

I'm sorry but it has to be said, having a relationship does not make you any older. Live your life as freely as you can right now. You have a place in the future for the serious stuff to begin, so take your time. And to the couples who have made it through high school love, I congratulate you and wish you the best.


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