November's Theme Issue

We will not forget

Roncalli High School, in Port Saunders NL, Holds Ceremony for War Veterans
By Katrina A. & Shannon M.
Roncalli students, like others in Canada, came together to celebrate Remembrance Day.
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A true learning experience
By Farah K.
Video Production students at Hugh Boyd Secondary School produced a record four videos in four weeks for this year's Remembrance Day ceremonies.
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By Jeremy C.
Remembrance Day is a tradition that should never end.
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Why I Choose To Remember
By Erin P.
This day glorifies peace and the men who gave their lives for this peace.
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Remembrance Day: An Anachronism
By Mahmoud H.
Although it is vital that we continue to remember those who lost their lives in battle, it is equally important that we celebrate the contributions to society that have been made by equally courageous civilians.
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