November 2002
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Why I Choose To Remember
By Erin Penney, SNN Editor, St. Mark's School, King's Cove, NL

They fought for peace, justice and liberty. Which is why I not only completely agree with Remembrance day as a holiday, but also why I, as a Canadian citizen, choose to remember on November 11, the soldiers who gave the ultimate sacrifice.

These men didn't have to go and fight. They went there of their own free will and fought for their country because they knew it was the right thing to do. This was an honorable act, to do what you know is right even if you know – as these men did – that it might cost you your life.

And many did lose their lives. Succumbing to fates we can't even imagine. All so we could live in peace and freedom. It's those brave soldiers we need to thank for how we live today. For those people who disagree with Remembrance Day on the grounds that it "glorifies war" I have to totally disagree. This day glorifies peace and the men who gave their lives for this peace.

It's the least we, as citizens of this wonderful free country called Canada, can do to pay homage to the soldiers who willingly gave their lives for freedom. On November 11 they deserve at least a silent thought, a heartfelt prayer and a poppy in your coat. Because remembrance is our only medium of thanks.


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