March 2002
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Functionally Bilingual
By: Jacqueline F.
Thirteen GVC Senior French students left behind their family, friends, culture, and language on February 28th to travel to St-Georges-de-Beauce, Quebec.
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Building Bridges of Understanding – There is hope
By: Shoilee K.
The OAC World Issues course has literally opened up a world for students to discover.
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Education Week 2002: Learning is Power  
By: Katie N.
The purpose of Education Week in Newfoundland and Labrador is to focus attention on education, the education system and educational issues.
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Provincial Honour Choir Judged To Be Great Experience  
By: Jenessa R.
Provincial Honour Choir is an auditioned group of students, who meet together for one weekend in February to practice new music and then perform it in a final performance.
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A Robbery? In Winkler?  
By: Matt N.
That's right...There was a robbery in this safe community that many Southern Manitobans call home.
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