February 2002
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Music Trivia Contest
How well do you know your music? It's time to prove it by entering the Music Trivia contest.
WIN a cool SNN T-shirt!
Correctly answer all the questions below.

The contest is open to all Canadian students at the elementary or high school level. One entry per person.

Hey, don't worry if you don't know all the correct answers this month. Enter anyway! There's a contest every month.

We'll keep a tally. If you have the most correct answers in all four months (Feb/Mar/Apr/May) in May we'll send you a fun SNN Gift Pack with cool SNN keepsakes!!!

To participate, simply fill the form below and click Send My Answers. Good luck!

Your name:
Your hometown:
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Answer the following questions:

1. What music group is hosting the 2001 Juno Awards?

2. What rock singer made a presentation at last month's World Economic Forum?

3. What is the name of Paul McCartney's new tour?

4. Who sings Hand in my pocket and Ironic?

5. What band had Kraft Dinner thrown at them?


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