January 2002
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Canada's homeless

If you've watched television, listened to radio or read a newspaper or magazine in the last month or so, one issue has been prevalent ~ ~ the plight of Canada's homeless people.

Major cities, especially, are facing a major crisis. Statistics Canada states that over 200,000 people find themselves without shelter EVERY YEAR in this country. Many are children.

Cities such as Toronto, Montreal,Vancouver, Edmonton have set up task forces to investigate the problem and come up with solutions.

What are your thoughts on this issue - how did this occur and what steps are municipal, provincial and federal governments taking to address the problem?

Research newspapers, social/community organizations website on this issue and what they believe needs to be done?

Address this issue in your social studies and current affairs class: identify who are the homeless, how did they get there, what groups help these people and what do they do? Come up with some possible solutions?

If you believe this is a serious problem in your province, lobby your government for action citing examples from your province.

Is Canada the only country that is faced with this issue? What is the picture like in the United States, Great Britain, Europe, Asia?

What can ordinary citizens such as you and I do?

Write an feature article about the plight of the homeless in your province or Canada as a whole. Discuss the issue in your classroom or among friends.

Write an article about how Canadian citizens might be able to help ie. letter writing campaigns to your MP, your Premier, the Prime Minister. Or Take action yourself and help out in a shelter or food bank. Write about your experience. Make it a class Project!

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