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from Gander Collegiate Mediatech Studio

Gander, NL, Canada



June 4th, 2004
April 30th, 2004
March 26th, 2004
March 2nd, 2004
January 30th, 2004
December 19th, 2003
November 28th, 2003
October 29th, 2003


These newscasts were produced by students in the Multimedia Studios at Gander Collegiate, Gander, Newfoundland.  Students from the school's Media Technology Program produced stories for the show as well as the show itself. 

What kind of stories will you find in the archived newscasts? 

-  activities in and around Gander

-  school activities  such as Spirit Days, Heritage Fairs

-  student sports, arts, entertainment

-  coverage of sports and entertainment events such as the East Coast Music Awards, Nfld. & Labrador Winter Games

- stories about young people ~ scholastic and personal achievement

-  global issues such as racism, holocaust and more. 

You will also find stories by students in schools across Newfoundland  including Prince of Wales Collegiate in St. John's and Roncalli Central High, Port Saunders.



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