Exam writing tips from one who's been there!

By Sherri Rempel
Garden Valley Collegiate
Winkler, Manitoba

Exams. It's such an awful word. What's worse yet is having to write them. Yet it's a time when the majority of your school can sit down in the same room with different groups of students all sharing a common trial. It's a time when all students have the same fears, the same worries, the same frustrations, and the room is unbelievably quite for the amount of people sitting in the designated little rows.

Exams is a time when some students worry about whether or not they are going to pass or fail due to not completing their work or handing their work in late. But for others it's just another boring three hours of writing down everything you know on the subject because you've prepared yourself and didn't procrastinate like the others who have sweat pouring down their brows.

The art of studying for exams involves a great deal of procrastination for most people, myself included A lot of people will put off the studying until later, when they "feel like it". In my case, it would be putting off the so-called stress and leave the studying until the very last minute. I always think that I will remember everything until the morning of my exam if I study the night before. But procrastinating will not get you very far. As I have learned in my thirteen years of schooling, if you don't already know the stuff inside of the books the night before, you will not remember it in the morning.

Most people say that on the morning of the exam, they hit the books first thing when they wake up and study some more. I would be too busy in the morning trying to find some pens that won't run out half way through the exam (teachers really love that!), and finding something comfy to wear because I will be sitting for three hours straight. Appearance doesn't matter at all on the day of the exam. Everyone comes in their p.j.'s or favourite sweat pants.

A good way to study for exams would be to actually start studying for the exam a few days ahead of time. Bribe yourself to study. I know this sounds weird but it really works. Just tell yourself that if you really study for the exam and put in some effort then you will do a good job. And if you do a good job then you will allow yourself to rob that piggy bank of yours and buy that new pair of jeans that you had been eyeing in the store window.

Last minute cramming (which is my favourite) will cause even more stress, headaches, and worries than if you had just studied enough ahead of time. So do your brain a favour when midterms come around and know the stuff. You will physically feel much better. Get plenty of sleep the night before and eat a good healthy breakfast.