My sister, a mom?!

Garden Valley Collegiate
Winkler, Manitoba

By Victoria K. (Grade 12)

Wendy Lynn's pregnancy has created a great uproar of excitement in her cozy home situated in the country near St. Joseph. "I find it hard to stay settled in my home! I feel I should run around and tell the world I'm going to have a baby," Wendy tells me. Wendy informs us exactly of each particular detail of change which is taking place, or has taken place, in her body. She feels that self-confidence recaptured her for the moment, or rather months of her life. "The bigger I grow, the better I feel, because this time there's a reason for expansion," Wendy says proudly. Once over the "dizzy days", which are a rough stage for a mother-to-be, everything will settle back to normal and life will just go on. "I know that it's going to be a change to our lifestyle, and I know we'll face some disadvantages along with advantages. Hopefully things will even themselves out. I tell myself all the pain will just be worth the gain," Wendy says with a big grin.

Considering her inexperience and uncertainty about being a mother, one might be tempted to worry over Wendy Lynn's ability to succeed as a mother. However, having been the oldest child, Wendy claims all that she needs to know about being a mother she learned as a young girl. "I've had to grow up with you as my tail ... I practically had to raise you, how much worse could it get?" she says with a chuckle.

"The prospect of being a mother used to be no big deal," Wendy explains. "But, already, it's been a lot of work ... and I haven't even had my baby yet! There are so many things to concentrate on and to think of. Also, money is always a major worry. My husband has a seasonal job, and he feels frustrated over the situation. Sometimes we tell ourselves maybe we should have waited before starting with a family, but it's too late now to go back."

After discovering that Wendy was pregnant, they had no choice but to set to work making plans and arrangements for another body. They realized that a new approach would have to be taken on their lives together. "We'll both have to regain our patience with each other," Wendy Lynn says, and that change would have to remain permanent. "Things will never be the same again. We're taking a big step and it will be our first real change taking place since our marriage. I give my husband credit; he is able to understand my feelings of fear and also my utmost excitement because he's experiencing the same mixed emotions."

Wendy Lynn has been surrounded by young children from her youth, taking responsibility of looking after them, and sometimes even baby-sitting in our own home for relatives. "I was at an illegal age to go to people's homes to baby-sit their children, so I created my own drop-off centre and looked after them voluntarily." When growing up, Wendy became more independent and never imagined even having a boyfriend. Things changed, for a prince found the slipper to fit her foot, and swept her off her feet. Going back on many of her words, she converted completely from being a shy individual, to a more socialized character. Gaining confidence inwardly was a great struggle for her and knowing what to become in life was the toughest question to answer. Marriage has been a great asset for my conscience and overall self. I actually feel important," says Wendy.

Wendy Lynn is now going to have to play the most important role of her life...that of a mother. Many new ways will have to be learned. "I already can tell that I'll do many things just like my mother". Yet traditional ways will be continued without even realizing it. Having read many books on how to prepare for motherhood, Wendy still always turns to her mother for the most advice.

Finally, I ask the big question.

"Am I ready to be a mom?" Wendy replies with a smile,"Heck, no - I told Ron that months ago! Ron and I have been married for almost seven months and I thought it was only the beginning of our life together - alone. But I don't really have anything to say because this is a twosome deal we're talkin' about. I love kids - really I do. Or don't I? Whatever the case, there's no turnin' back and I'm just waitin' for the kick!"

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