GVC music students receive awards

Garden Valley Collegiate
Winkler, Manitoba

By Trish D. (Grade 12)

Each year, two GVC music students receive awards for excellence and outstanding musical ability. One student from Senior Band and one student from Senior Choir are recognized with this award each year.

This year, in Senior Choir, the award went to Michelle B. She has been in Senior Choir for the past three years. She sings soprano and is a leader in her section. She has also been an active accompanist with the Junior Choir and the Male Chorus. Michelle personifies what a good choir member really is, with her cheerful, positive, and helpful attitude.

In Senior Band, the person who was honored with the award this year was Terry P. His expertise is the trumpet. Terry is involved in the Senior Band, Central Region Honor Band and was involved with the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra under the "Rising Stars" program. Terry is an outstanding influence for his peers and younger musical performers whom he teaches. Terry is willing to go the extra mile and he uses his leadership abilities to inspire others to excel.

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