Garden Valley Collegiate Choirs

Garden Valley Collegiate
Winkler, Manitoba

By Lynda F. (Grade 11) and Lisa G. (Grade 12)

Because of the high degree of interest in choir, GVC has three different choirs. The largest is the Senior Choir, followed by the Intermediate Choir and the Junior Choir.

The Junior Choir consists of 35 Grade 9 students. This year, they performed at Choralfest Manitoba, the GVC Christmas Concert, Spring Concert, Winkler Elementary School, and Border Valley School.

This is the first year that GVC has had an Intermediate Choir. It was formed because of the large number of students auditioning for the Senior Choir (this choir contains about 55 Grade 10 and, Grade 11 students). Some performances given by the Intermediate Choir this year included the Christmas Concert, Winkler Festival, Spring Concert, and Choralfest.

The largest choir at GVC is the Senior Choir, with 85 Grade 11 and Grade 12 students. Students joining the Senior Choir must audition. This choir has performed at the Christmas Concert, Choralfest Manitoba, Winkler Festival, Bergthaler Church, Spring Concert, and recently returned from a three-day tour to the Interlake. Some awards this choir received this year include a recommendation for the Provincial Choral Festival and a trophy for Highest Choral Mark in the Winkler Festival.

The GVC choirs have been successful this year, and hope to continue.

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