Bone to pick with society

Hazel McCallion Senior Public School
Mississauga, Ontario

By Krysta M. (Grade 8)

Teens of today have a bone to pick. Several bones perhaps, about how society portrays them. Teenage-hood is definitely not an easy stage to go through, and along with all the changes, there also comes discrimination. In the eyes of society, teenagers are a group of rude, inconsiderate, and drug consuming kids who just happen to have raging hormones. Society could also say that all blondes are bimbos, but they would be wrong. Believe it or not, every person, including teens and blondes, have their own personalities and tastes.

In teenager's eyes, it is impossible for them to gain respect, positive attention and understanding. We sometimes feel that we are all placed into this one group, that we're all bad and because of this we are treated badly. Yes, it is true there are some teenagers who have problems, but not every adolescent should be placed in the same classification. Even in stores where customers are always supposed to be right, we are sometimes treated with a rude indifference that we know would not be there if our parents were present. Isn't that funny? How do people who have seen a few more years than others get to be so superior? I would think that since teens are consumers as well, salesclerks would be more considerate since a large fraction of our money is going into their pockets.

We are not babies, and we don't live in playpens. All we ask is that we not be treated like we are. Some parents are shocked that we are aware of things that they were not at the same age. Numerous times jokes are told at an adult level for adults while teens are present. Jokes that adults consider unsuitable for young ears (even though those young ears understand the joke). If parents don't want their kids to be exposed to such jokes or talk, why do they tell jokes around them? Why not just keep us in a safe little soundproof bubble where reality can't reach us?

By our teen years we have learned right from wrong and what we like and what we don't. Teenage-hood is something that everyone will go through. Keep that in mind the next time an adolescent passes your way, and please show your fellow human being some common courtesy.

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