Canada: Love it or leave it

Turner Fenton Campus
Brampton, Ontario

By Derek H. (Grade 11)

The United States has a very strong hold on the Canadian people. As you walk down the street and see what people are wearing and saying, it seems that they would rather be American than Canadian. Some Canadians even wear clothing with the USA flag on it, and when was the last time you saw someone wearing something with the Canadian flag on it? What people wear says what they are proud of, and interested in, so when you wear American clothing you are saying that you are not interested in your home. It is time that the Canadian people take more pride in their country.

The United States has a strong influence on Canadian interests, and that is why Canadians talk about American topics. For example, many Canadians watch the US Presidential election, but have you ever heard of an American watching the Canadian election? Some Canadians are more interested in the American election than the Canadian one. Have you ever noticed that many people mistakenly say President Chrétien?

Probably the strongest influence the U.S. has on Canadian people is television. Even though we have great Canadian actors and actresses, Canadian television sitcoms are rare and people say that they are boring. The reason for this is that Canadian shows are getting no funding. That is because Canadian people aren't watching Canadian shows. If we start to watch the Canadian shows, they will get more funding and we will start to see more and better Canadian shows. As well, when a show is on both a Canadian channel and an American channel, watch it on the Canadian channel so they will get the ratings. We should try to help the Canadian film and television industry by taking some interest.

When visiting the United States, notice that there are flags everywhere, down the streets and hanging from almost every house. It seems the only place Canadian flags are, is in front of a schools and government buildings. We should take an example from the Americans and start hanging up more flags in pride.

When we travel to other countries we are putting money into their economy. The Canadian people should start travelling in their own country, this way we put more money into our economy and make our country better.

Canadians should start to loosen the American grip and start a life of their own. Realize that this is Canada, not the 51st state. It is time to show pride in your country in every way you can. There are many beautiful places to see in Canada from the east coast to the west. Give Canada a chance, you will be surprised by what you discover.

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