Winkler briefs

Garden Valley Collegiate
Winkler, Manitoba

The size of the choir and band has increased
Arlene N. (Grade 12)

"Growth in the band and choir have increased tremendously" say their directors, Mr. Moen and Ms. Thorleifson. In 1989, there were only two bands with only 130 players. Now in 1997, there are three full bands and over 185 players. Growth in the choirs has also been good, expanding to over 160 students in the past seven years. The growth means that more parents have to be more supportive in driving students to early morning practices. The students want to work hard, and they feel good, and Ms. T horleifson says, "it's working".

The Crokinoles
Sheldon P. (Grade 12)

The Crokinoles is a band that was formed by Winkler, Manitoba students and teachers in 1991. This band was formed to aid students in performing musical numbers at music shows which are held at the high school. The Crokinoles play classical, rock, blues, and country, to name only a few. The band's original name was "Derek and the Crokinoles", named after Derek R., a grade twelve student at Garden Valley Collegiate.

The Optimist Festival
Mike P. and Lori R. (Grade 12)

Bands from Winkler go to the "Optimist Festival" to perform with the best Mid-western school bands in the country. This yearly event, held in Winnipeg, allows bands to perform three pieces of music and get judged on their performance. Of the festival awards, only 8 gold awards are given each year. GVC bands consistently place high and often get a coveted gold award.

This year, the GVC Senior 2 band received a gold medal.

Learning on your own
Dave W. (Grade 12)

Jared H. is one to learn on his own. After learning the basics from his brother he improved his skills on his own. He has been singing and playing guitar for the past three years. Jared's accomplishments include playing in church, the GVC "Big Show", and at the "Friends for Erin" fundraiser at the West-end Cultural Center in Winnipeg.

The three bands at GVC
Susan F (Grade 12)

The school year wrapped up with the annual Spring Concert where the three bands played. The Senior 1 and 2 two bands are open to all who wish to play. Acceptance into the Senior 3 band is by audition only, due to the large numbers of students wanting to play in it.

Jazz band at GVC
Steven F. (Grade 12)

The opportunity for students to get involved in a jazz band program finished its second year successfully.

14 players gathered once a week during lunch hours to rehearse. They rehearsed for community events such as the GVC Big Show, the Christmas concert, and they also played during education week at the mall.

Central Manitoba Youth Choir
Dave L. (Grade 12)

The Central Manitoba Youth Choir (CMYC) is a choir program for high school students of central Manitoba. Auditions are in the spring, and they rehearse for two weeks in the fall. Each year there is a four day tour where they sing in 10-11 schools throughout Central Manitoba. J.R., who has taken part for the past three years, said it was a good experience. He says, "basically it is a bunch of students getting together, singing, having a good time, and sharing their love of music."

Lips for the trumpet
Derek P. (Grade 12)

Terry got his start in music, as many do, playing piano. Now a Grade 12 student, his lips are made for the trumpet.

Terry has been performing all over southern Manitoba including spending a week with the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra (WSO). Terry and four others were given this honour as a result of a high recommendation and an essay for the WSO. Presently, Terry studies with WSO member J.F. Phoneuf and spends time teaching trumpet to local students.

The GVC music committee
Joanne F. (Grade 12)

The hardest working committee, the music committee, is managed by Leighton K., and Kelly S., both Grade 12 students. Their job is to coordinate the activity in performers, staging and equipment of shows like the Big Show, Spotlights and assemblies. It is in these shows which allow the committee to shine.

The pair is backed by experience. Kelly has now served two years; Leighton has a lot of musical experience which when combined makes for en effective team. The commmittee programs a variety of music every year to try to satisfy the varity of students but, providing great entertainment and listening to feedback is this committee's main goal.

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