T.V. violence

Hazel McCallion Senior Public School
Mississauga, Ontario

By Ashley Y. (Grade 8)

The X-men, Power Rangers, Xena: The Warrior Princess -- these shows, and many more like them, are being watched by thousands of children everyday. Are these programs sending out the wrong message to kids, or do they present a truer picture of life?

Parents always complain that there is too much violence on T.V. these days. The X-Files is too scary. The Simpsons is too violent. Nothing makes them happy! What do they want us to watch, shows like Full House and Saved By The Bell? Nobody wants to watch the fake lives and unrealistic problems of those dull television shows. Kids desire action and these shows don't fulfill that need.

Violence on T.V. gives kids a truer view of reality. Since kids get a great deal of information from T.V., without violence everyone might grow up thinking life is pretty harmless. People would grow up with the idea that there are no crimes or acts of violence in this world. T.V. can't shield kids from the reality of the real world nor should it be expected to.

Producers of television programs make shows based on what people want to watch. Violence seems to be the ticket to good ratings. Shows that have super heroes battling the villains gives kids an understanding that there are good people in this world committed to helping others. I don't believe that these shows demonstrate that fighting is good, or a way to solve problems.

T.V. provides entertainment and information. It is not meant to terrorize children's minds, and it doesn't! If parents don't want their kids watching violent shows then change the channel or turn the T.V. off. Many television sets and cable boxes are even equipped with blocking technology that allows parents to limit the stations available to their kids. Why remove perfectly good programs just because a few parents don't like them? If people want to ban certain shows from their home that's fine with me but don't tell me or anyone else what we can and cannot watch.

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