What has happened to Feminism in the 1990's?

Hazel McCallion Senior Public School
Mississauga, Ontario

By Alicia B. (Grade 8)

Although women's rights and roles in society have changed considerably in the past few years, feminists are still not content with their position in society. If women have come such a long way in society, why do feminists and women's rights groups still exist? It is not because women are not accepted and need support groups. It is because women are not satisfied with their level of advancement in today's society.

Although feminists continue to strive for additional rights, it should be noted that some women are pleased with their level of achievement. For most women, the present progress is quite acceptable. However, there are other women who are not satisfied with what they have achieved. They believe that until they have surpassed men's achievements and have become a more dominant majority they have not attained their objective. If feminists ever did succeed in reaching their ultimate goal, we would end up in the same position we have been in since the beginning of time, one gender more dominant than the other.

When Adolf Hitler realized what he could do with political position, he took irrational measures to attain more power. However, just as he craved control, feminists desire power. They have progressed from being ruled by men to being equal with men. They are no longer satisfied with being equal. They want to be the best. They desire to be dominant. What extreme will they take when they achieve the optimum?

Since the beginning of time and until quite recently, men have dominated women. Now that women are able, they are taking unnecessary measures to gain revenge for their mistreatment. Is this really necessary? Accepting what has happened in the past and acting in a more rational manner would be far more acceptable.

It is my opinion that feminists need to accept the changes in society and be content rather than be forever distressed with their insatiable appetite for advancement.

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