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Slaves at Roncalli!
By: Lily S., Roncalli Central High, Port Saunders, NF

Video: Slave Day at Roncalli

Dressed in everything from wigs, pajamas and extremely tacky dresses, students and teachers at Roncalli Central High danced, bounced and crawled through the hallways on Friday March 9th, 2001, and bowed to their temporary ‘masters’! This ‘Slave Day’ was a fund-raiser held by the drama club at Roncalli, in order to raise money for an exchange trip.

On Thursday, students and teachers gathered in the gymnasium and were auctioned off to the highest bidder as ‘slaves’ for the following day. All bids started at $5 and went as high as $40 for the services of two slaves! Mrs. Rankin, drama director at Roncalli, commented that, “Slave Day was a wonderful fund-raiser because it was quick, profitable and it really helped to bring out school spirit.”

Slave Day was not only enjoyed by the ‘masters’ of slaves, but also by the slaves themselves. One Level 1 student and slave, Jennifer Wu, said she thought Slave Day was “a lot of fun! It was fun to be dressed up and have my face painted. And I enjoyed watching other slaves being dressed up and painted as well!”

Slave Day was not only enjoyed by the student and teacher body, but it also proved to be and excellent way to raise money! Due to it’s success and the high level of enjoyment experienced by all, Roncalli’s drama club is considering holding another Slave Day!

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