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Garden Valley Collegiate Spring Dramas
By: Melissa D., Grade 12 student, Garden Valley Collegiate, Winkler, Manitoba

Garden Valley Collegiate will be putting on two dramas this April-- Murder Most Fowl and Sir Gowain and the Green Knight.

The directors for these plays will be assisted by student directors. For Murder Most Fowl, the director is Ms. Jodi Harrison and student Corey Hildebrandt. For Sir Gowain and the Green Knight is directed by Ms. Tesa Steinke with Kurt Penner’s assistance. Both plays also have student producers--Laurel Schellenberg and Tamara Kroeker. They will also be looking after the costuming and the G.V.C. Cosmotology lab will possibly do the make up.

Murder Most Fowl is a hillbilly-comedy play about a family who suspects ‘fowl’ play in their chicken coop where some chickens have gone missing. The main characters are, Queenetta Pruitt, played by Kathryn Morrison; her husband Fillmore, played by Randy Penner; and their daughter Lilybelle, played by Amanda Plett.

Sir Gowain and the Green Knight is a farce about the Knights of the Round Table. Sir Gowain is approached by The Green Knight who wants to show him that he is a true and honourable Knight. The main characters are, Sir Gowain played by Brendan Boehr; the Green Knight played by Jeremy Friesen; Lady Elaine performed by Holly Hildebrandt; and the Minstral or Narrator performed by Ryan Schroeder.

The students are practicing after school from 4:00 to 6:00pm every Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday. The plays will be performed back to back and will be held in the G.V.C. bandroom on April 5th and 6th.

Commenting on her choice to do these plays, Teacher Director Ms. Harrison said she did dramas in high school and skits in church regularly. She worked on the fall production of “Brigadoon” and some students asked if she would help with these spring dramas. For Ms. Tesa Steinke said that she too was very interested in drama and, like Ms. Harrison, had helped with “Brigadoon.” She helped with the production of MASH in Altona (Miller) high school. She studied drama in University and in high school.

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