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Forever Young!!
By: Crystal Clavet, Westgate Collegiate, Thunder Bay, ON

Remember when recess and nap time were the highlights of your day? When you laughed at everything, even when there was nothing funny about the situation? When your mom was the only one who cared that you had a Kool-Aid mustache, dirty clothes and sticky hands? When you had the energy to run around all day, every day, and never got tired?

If youíve been around little kids, youíll have noticed that they donít slow down. They play and laugh and run and get dirty, and they donít have a care in the world. They eat what they want, say what they want, and do what they want, and no one seems to mind.

What happened to those days? Iíll tell you what happened. We grew up, and they disappeared. We live in a society where we are expected to be mature, responsible and trustworthy. Teenagers feel the pressure more than anyone else.

Every day we are told to act our age and to grow up and to be adults. But why should we? We canít do anything that adults can. We canít vote, canít gamble, canít buy certain products, canít enter certain places, and canít enter most contests. How can we be expected to be adult about a situation when we arenít considered adults in the eyes of society?

Thereís nothing wrong with acting mature and responsible, but donít forget your childhood. When your inner child calls, answer it.

Play hide and seek with the kid next door.
Build a fort with your little brother.
Go to the park with your best friend and climb the jungle gym.

Forget your responsibilities for a day and have a little fun. Be a kid again.

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