Sergei Fedorov
by Trevor H., Crescent Collegiate, Whiteway, NF

Sergei Fedorov is one of the Detroit Red Wings' top-notch player. He is a center man that likes to go back to help the defense. That is why he has two Heart Of Hopefuls Trophies. This trophy is given to the player that is a Forward and goes back to help on both ends on the ice.

Fedorov has played with the Red Wings for 10 years now. In his 10 years he only has two Stanley Cups. Sergei was born on December 13 of 1969 in the town of Pskov, Russia. When Detroit won the cup against the Philadelphia Flyers in the 1997 Stanley Cup finals, Sergei got two game winners in the first and third games with two broken ribs. Then in the 1998 Stanley Cup finals he got one game winner against Washington in the third game.


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