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The Ever Continuing Canadian Story

A Continuing Story has dozens of authors... maybe YOU would like to be one of them!

Read the following story, and send us the next paragraph. We will choose our favourite submitted paragraph to continue the story. The story will be updated every couple of days ---- so keep checking the SNN Monthly Edition. Your first name and initials of your last name will be attached to the submission along with where you live. Write no more than two-three short paragraphs, plus a "cliffhanger" (a partial sentence ending in "..." ≠ which the next writer will complete) e.g. "But just as she said this..."

Start your paragraph by completing the "cliffhanger" from the last paragraph.


HERE'S THE BEGINNING by Katie N., SNN Editor, Bishops College, St. John's, NF

ďIím leaving on a jet plane, donít know when Iíll be home againĒ blared the radio. How appropriate, on the day that Sara was leaving for her road trip across Canada the radio would play such a song. This trip had been months in the process, friends planning over road maps and tourist guides, everyone saving enough money to be able to go away for the whole summer.

It was 2001, the world was not a space odyssey, Mars wasnít a suburb of earth and Sara was graduating from high school. Thrust into an unknown world of adulthood where she had no idea what to do. Would she be a doctor or a lawyer? The possibilities were endless her mother told her time and again, but she felt like she was stuck between a rock and a hard place.

It was during this time of confusion that the idea of a road tip sprung up in her friendsí mind. None of them had any clue what they wanted to do in September; all they knew was that they wanted to have fun this summer. None of them had ever been out of Newfoundland.

The idea of prairies, Rocky Mountains and skyscrapers were ones that they had only once dreamed about but now they were going to see them with their own eyes. So it was on June 27th, 2001 that these 7 young people left St. Johnís for the adventures of the mainland. They headed across the island in a ..........


.......1992 Chev Minivan belong to Sherri's mom. With their bags, camping gear, food supplies, Sherri, Lori, Rose, Sandra, Jackie, Meghan and I headed out of St. John's. It was a warm summer morning. With a Tim's coffee and donuts we were on the road. Jackie and Sherri had never been outside St. John's, let alone off the island.

Our first goal was to reach Corner Brook, the second largest city in Newfoundland. Along the way, the scenery was breathtaking so we took tons and tons of pictures. The lakes we passed along the roadside were shimmering in the early morning sun. About three hours outside St. Johnís we reached Terra Nova Park National Park. What a breathtaking site. We stopped for a bite to eat. The rolling hills, the sounds of the birds. We caught a glimpse of a deer running through the woods. We laughed at Sherri and Jackie who were yelled Ďawesomeí.

We got back in the van and started on our way when all of a sudden Sherri slammed on the brakes. On the road just 10 feet ahead of us was a......... (Vanessa W., Presentation High, Corner Brook, NF)

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