March 2003
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The Badger Flood
By Darryl J., Grade 12, Marystown Central High, Burin, NL

The little town of Badger, Newfoundland and Labrador, is facing one of the biggest disasters in the province's history.

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As the Badger River, the Exploits River and the Red Indian River became full of ice, they had no other choice but to overflow their boundaries. The water ran through town and froze, leaving the Town of Badger looking like a large ice cube. Residents were evacuated as their cars and homes became frozen along with everything else in its way. Oil tanks and sewer systems also became frozen. The town's water supply was contaminated and the sewage smell spread through the once beautiful Town of Badger.

Numerous collections have been taken up in schools, churches and local businesses throughout all Newfoundland to be donated to the Canadian Red Cross Badger Relief Fund. Famous Newfoundland entertainers such as the Punters, Crush, the Navigators, Buddy Waisname and the Other Fellers, Snook, the Irish Descendants and many more donated their time to perform at a benefit concert at Mile One Stadium in Newfoundland's capital city, St. John's in aid of the Badger Relief Fund. Along with the funds made from the tickets and phone in donations, many large companies were present at the concert to give cheques of large amounts to this very worthwhile cause.

This situation is without a doubt an unexpected catastrophe for the people of Badger and a huge obstacle to overcome. But luckily, once again the people of our province, Newfoundland and Labrador, came together to help a friend in need.

LINK: Government of Newfoundland Badger Disaster website:


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