September 2001
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Environmentally Friendly Transportation
By: Randy B., Age 15, New Westminister, BC

Automotive companies and environmental groups alike continue to push for continued work on non-gasoline cars. While the invention and production of new models and ideas has been tremendous, consumers lack the enthusiasm needed to make these electric, natural gas and personal transit modules.

Electric vehicles are still one of the number one non-gasoline cars. Companies make them in all different sizes and shapes. The modern look of these cars makes it easy to believe that they are the vehicles of the twenty-second century. Although the look is popular, the function is not optimal for many drivers. Many of these types of cars are small and hold only 0-2 passengers.

However, there are pros too. Almost all non-gasoline vehicles are legally allowed to drive in the car pool lanes, and electric Sparrows are even allowed to park on the sidewalks. Sparrows are the perfect cars for commuters because it costs only a penny per mile to operate!

Corbin Motors, the company that makes Sparrows, has many new models in its future. For instance the company hopes to begin creating the City Wizard. This vehicle will be used for deliveries, such as mail, pizza, and utilities. It will have a seat in the front and tons of storage space. Another future vehicle is the Micro Truck. Perhaps these larger models will draw consumers' interest.

Natural gas vehicles are looking at a very bright future. The cars are the same size as any other car. The only differences are the way the cars are fueled and the trunk space. The natural gas takes up more room than gasoline so the trunk space is used as part of the gas tank. These cars definitely have the stage for the time being. (

Non-gasoline cars haven't caught on yet, perhaps because of purchase price and size but you can expect to see the market soaring in a few years.