September 2001
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Why Stay With an Abusive Person?
By: Sheila M., Aylmer, PQ

I feel so sorry for the girls I know who are abused by their boyfriends; they don't know how to get away from it. They get physically or verbally abused by their boyfriends. I know that they forgive their boyfriends when they say they're sorry and say that they'll never do it again but it always happens again.

I know this because Iíve been there. I was verbally and physically abused by my boyfriend. One time I pressed charges against him and asked for a restraining order for about a month or more. That stopped him for awhile. But it started again after a few months. Why? Because I went out with him again.

I realized that he wouldn't stop abusing me and he should get help. I wanted to leave him but he always said that he's sorry and that he'll never hurt me again. I don't know why I always believed him. I finally got the courage to leave the relationship.

That's why Iím writing this article. For girls that are abused by their boyfriends. I know how it feels to be abused. My wish is that girls who are in this same situation will realize it too, and get help from someone who cares about them like I did with my parents. They helped me a lot throughout my difficult time.

Who can help, you ask? Parents, teachers, friends. If you donít feel like telling someone you know, there are groups out matter where you live....that can help you. Kids Help Phone, Teen Lines, community health organizations. What you tell them is confidential. Itís up to you to get out of the situation and get help. They are there to provide you with information and guidance.