June 2002
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Gander Collegiate ‘Spotlight on Schools'
By Mediatech students, Gander Collegiate, Gander, NF

Gander MediaTech

We are pleased to again bring you Gander Collegiate Mediatech students 'Spotlight on Schools' series. These broadcast stories are produced by the students and aired on Rogers Cable in Gander, Newfoundland.

Youth Information Fair
The 2002 Youth Information Fair at Gander Community Center was sponsored by Human Resources Development Canada. Over 1800 students and numerous employers from the Central Region of Newfoundland participated in this action-packed career information day. Watch YIF Survivor Contest at the end of this broadcast.
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Regional Drama Festival, Gander
Take a look at the 2002 Regional Drama Festival in Gander with a focus on the St. Paul's Intermediate School Drama Troupe.
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Encounters with Canada & Heritage Fair
Local Encounters with Canada participants are interviewed by Mediatech students. As well check out highlights from this year's Heritage Fair at St. Paul's Intermediate.
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Regional French Speakoffs, Science & Technology Days and the CO2 Car Race
Gander Collegiate Mediatech students profile the Regional French Speakoffs held at Smallwood Academy. Winners from this competition attended the Provincial Speakoffs in St. John's. Also featured ~ ~ Science and Technology Days at Gander Academy for Grades 4-6 featuring fun science activities and information on conservation; and, check out St. Paul's Intermediate Annual CO2 Car Race.
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Gander Academy students collaborate with Mediatech Students
This broadcast profiles a collaborative effort between Grade 6 Enrichment students from Gander Academy and the Media Technology students from Gander Collegiate. Through this effort, the Grade 6 students were able to produce a segment called 'The Gander Academy Exploratory Program'.
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