January 2002
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Sometimes Parents Just Don't Understand
By: Eugenie Beaton, Grade 11,
Tec-Voc High School, Winnipeg, MB

It seems that adults don't understand teenagers, but they used to be teenagers. Well I don't really understand that. Most adults find teenagers confusing, but really it's the other way around.

I bet when you were our age you did all of the things that we do now. Your parents used to stay up all hours of the night wondering where you were. They probably even gave you the same lectures that you give to us about drugs and alcohol being bad for you, the importance of not having sex until you're married and getting good grades in school. Does that bring back any fond memories that you stored away a long time ago?

Do you really think that even teenagers understand teenagers? Probably not if you think about it. All teens are different. Some of us do drugs and drink because it relieves stress at home and some of us just do it to be cool. Then there are the teens who do well in school and don't show that their home life stinks. They do all the things other teens do.

For instance, I've been attending Tec-Voc High School for almost two years now. I know a lot of people. I know geeks who I thought did nothing but homework. This year I learned something that really shocked me. I learned that these so-called goody goody students weren't actually that good. They do drugs and drink like any other teenagers, except they only do it with loyal friends and on weekends. They seem to manage themselves very well. The only difference between them and the "bad kids" is that the bad kids aren't mature enough to manage these situations properly.

Wouldn't you like to know when your teen is drinking or doing drugs, or even where they do these things? If you think about it, your teen should do it where you know that they will be safe with someone responsible who knows what to do in case something bad happens. If you don't allow this then your child will rebel and do it anyway but behind your back.

All we really ask for is some attention from our parents and recognition that we probably do know how to take care of ourselves. Somewhere along the line we will turn into young adults and we will be leaders of our nation. All we need is the trust and support of our parents.