January 2002
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Follow Your Dreams
By: Jillian Dollimont Caines, Level 3,
Roncalli High School, Port Saunders

Linda MassieEveryone hopes to accomplish something in life, everyone has a dream. Many of us will not see our dreams become a reality, but for Level II student Linda Massie, the opportunity of following a dream is very real.

On December 10th, Linda, Twin Town hockey player, team mate, and friend , received a phone call that could change her life forever. Jay Dolittle, director of admission for St. Georges University Preparatory School in Rhode Island, offered Linda the opportunity of a life time. Linda had been noticed by a scout and St. Georges Prep School wanted her as part of their hockey team.

Linda is very excited about the news and has mixed feelings about leaving her friends and family. She has a full scholarship, a booked plane ticket and is prepared to leave home to follow her dream.

"I look forward to this opportunity. I think it will be a great experience, but I'm going to miss my family and friends", said Linda. "I started playing hockey because it was fun. I never thought I would actually move to the United States to play. I still love it. It is a great game."

Listen to Linda's own words about her passion ~ ~ Hockey.

Now Linda's hockey is providing her with an education at a great school and the opportunity to see more of the world. This change will no doubt take some adjusting. She knows Rhode Island will be different from Port Saunders, Newfoundland. She also knows her hockey team mates will be different in Rhode Island, but the game will remain the same, the game that she grew up loving.

"It's going to be hard to leave my present hockey team," Linda said, "We've accomplished a number of things as a rural girls team and now I feel like I'm not a part of that anymore."

The Twin Town Hockey Chicks, Linda's former team, will not forget Linda's contribution and will welcome her back in the future. Even though they have mixed feelings about Linda's departure they wish her the best while playing with a new team. They know that they would all love to be in her shoes (or skates).

Joan Massie, Linda's mother, said "I'm glad that Linda was accepted and I think it will be good for her, but I still feel a little apprehensive about letting her go away".

Everyone hopes some day their dreams come true... and for one 16-year-old hockey girl player the opportunity to follow that dream is just beginning. Linda is too ambitious to let such an opportunity pass her by.

Who knows, today we may be reading about her trip to a "prep school", but in the future we may be reading MASSIE on the back of a Canadian jersey through our television set.