January 2002
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Open Your Eyes
By: Kira Whittaker, Wiarton District High School, Wiarton, ON

Walking down the halls of my high school, I see many different people every day. Different color, personality and character.

But how many people who walk down that same hall know what goes on outside the walls of our safe school. Or should I say ‘presumed safe'. Don't get me wrong. I love school but at least a quarter of our school's population is afraid to walk down that hall.

Afraid of what you ask? Afraid of discrimination, bullying, name calling. I could go on but you get the picture. I have been bullied and it is not a pleasant feeling.

Teachers in our school and other schools need a reality check. They need to stop seeing the school as how it is supposed to be by their standards and start seeing it how it really is.

They need to see that some of the students are not learning in a safe environment. Just because they don't hear about it does not mean it's not going on.

Teachers and students need to open their eyes and take a look around. Ask yourselves, "is school really as safe as we think? Are we protected from danger or are our teachers blind to what goes on."

Perhaps teachers are so desperate to make everything 'perfect' they don't have time for what might be perceived as failure. Maybe they don't really realize what is going on or maybe they don't want to accept the truth.

Accept that our perfect little world isn't so perfect after all.