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The Many Sides of Fashion

By Laura Young
I. J. Samson Junior High
St. John's, Newfoundland

"Hey Mom, can I wear your old bellbottoms?"

Did you ever expect to be wearing our parent's clothes? Well neither did I, but we are. All those "groovy" styles that we used to make fun of on our parents are back, and may even be more
popular than before.

Let's face it, fashion is one of the biggest industries in the world. And because it all really comes down to the "fashion houses" to decide what's hot for people to wear, not everyone is going to like it. Some of those runway styles are pretty eccentric, daring, and definitely unique, but unfortunately they also cost a fortune. Not to mention how they look on normal bodies.

So what about the average person, like myself, who doesn't want to pay $60.00 to $200.00 for a pair of pants that they will eventually grow out of, or in my case scuff out the bottoms. There are actually a lot of better ways that you can stay in style without bringing down the bank, so to speak.

The hippest trends going right now are those of our parents' generation. Hiphugger bellbottoms, elephant pants, corduroys, those thin cotton shirts, and platforms are all the rage among teens and young women.

With guys it's harder to define. There is an extensive variety among guys because with them there are more trends going on. Only now would you see a guy with size 53 pants worn down to his knees with a huge T-shirt, and a guy in Khakis and a dress shirt with a preppy sweater walking the same corridors. I need not mention the "goths". But I have to say that guys are coming around to looking sexy.

The best way to get some really hip clothes is either bug your parents to open up those old suitcases, or go to a thrift or vintage store. This way you are actually wearing the real stuff instead of some marked up remakes - which are usually of poorer quality. For example my dad's platforms shoes, which are made of wood, are made a lot better than some of these new ones. Often these new shoes are made of plastic, which is slippery to walk on, whereas the original ones don't. Be sure you know what you're buying, and that you can walk in them, of course!

Most kids don't want to admit to their parents that they wore cool clothes. To some it can be as bad as sitting through a root canal. But, suck it up anyway, it'll help you find what you're looking for. Also if you have those parents who say "oh, that's too long" or "aren't they a little too low in the waist" remind them that they once wore the same things. AND if there are parents reading this, yes we do like your old styles, but please keep the taunting to a minimum!


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