School Scrapper = School Loser
by Erin C., St. Stephen's High School, St. Stephen's NB

Why do guys have to act so tough? Why, if an accident happens, does the guy who got hurt, feel as though he has to 'kill' the other guy even though he tried to apologize? Is it because he has to act tough in front of his friends? Is he trying to impress the girls?

I think guys like this need to wake up and get a clue. They think if they threaten the other guy, everyone will look at them as if they are so cool. GET REAL!!! That just makes the guy who is doing the threatening look like the biggest loser, ever. To all guys like this, GET A LIFE! You are not impressing anyone except yourself.

More importantly, if an accident takes place in school and the guy who got hurt is threatening the other guy, isn't it the school's place to prevent a fight from breaking out? I think that it is, but the school thinks differently. They don't think they should do anything until a fight actually breaks out. A student shouldn't have to go to school and be paranoid that someone might jump him from behind. What if the guy who wants to fight is in the other guys every class? It's not right that a student goes to school in fear.

To all guys who feel the need to fight over stupid accidental things, and you know who you are, WAKE UP and realize that you are the one who will lose! Because everyone will look down on you. Anyone like this is the school's biggest loser and will always be looked upon as the biggest loser.

So, unless you want to be St. Stephen High School's biggest loser all your life, walk away and act like a man. You might actually earn some respect, otherwise, you'll remain a loser. I'll see to it that everyone reminds you of that! Fighting is not the answer.

Originally published in the Spartan News, St. Stephen's High, April 09, 2000

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