Being Stuffed in Small Classrooms
by Sarah King, SNN Opinion Editor, Bay Roberts NF

By this point in time most of us are settled back into some kind of a routine, we've met the teachers (or creatures as my math teacher likes to refer to them) and we're getting back into the swing of things. This year, I started my first year at Ascension Collegiate here in Bay Robert's, Newfoundland. Ascension is the big high school for the whole area. There are currently almost 1000 people stuffed into a building that has previously hosted approximately 700-800 students. Classes are crowded, for example there are 33 people in my Literary Heritage 2201 class.

We are crammed into a room that should hold approximately 20-25 students. Our school is undergoing construction work to build new classrooms, but, until they are finished, we have to resign ourselves to learning in a classroom with 10 extra students, 10 extra desks and 10 extra chairs in it. I think that we should be given credit just for being able to find a place to sit!

It's almost as bad as some of the challenges from "Survivor" to try and make your way down to the cafeteria at lunchtime! I don't know if other schools across the country are suffering from the same fate or not. If you are, please email me.

If you are being forced to learn in an environment that is definitely less than healthy for you, don't just sit there! First, talk to your teacher. If he/she can't give an answer, go to the principal or the administrator at your school board. If they don't seem to be concerned enough with your problem, talk to your parents or fellow classmates. If they agree with you, ask them to talk to the principal/administrator.

Then, if it seems like nothing is being done to address your concerns, talk to someone at your school board. Don't stop until you get a satisfactory response. No one should have to have their grades and health suffer just because they took a problem lying down. My mom went to meet the teacher night last night and spoke to my principal about the conditions that I am being forced to learn under. He said he would look in to the problem. If nothing is done soon, maybe by sometime next week or in the next couple of weeks, I'll keep asking. And then, like I said, on to the school board.

You should never, ever have to suffer in order to get an education.

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