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Hunting Season In Saskatchewan
Cabri School
Cabri, Saskatchewan

By Scott

On September second, the hunting season for wildlife and waterfowl opened yet again. Many hunters around Saskatchewan have been gearing up for this since last fall. Their guns have been cleaned and polished many times. They are now gleaming and ready to go. Rifle season will begin after the archery and muzzleloader seasons have been completed. Around Cabri (65km NW of Swift Current), zone twelve seems to be the most liked for mule deer, and antelope. Whitetailed deer hunters prefer to go down by Hazlet (approximately 28 km SW of Cabri) into Weedon's Ranch but a white-tailed deer may be spotted anywhere.

Goose hunting season started on September 2, as well, but you can only hunt geese in the morning. Geese have been coming around Cabri for many years. Hunters from around North America know that Cabri is a good place to hunt geese and many hunters from the United States come to Saskatchewan every year.

Partridge and Prairie Chicken season started on the same day as goose season. However unlike geese, hunting partridge and prairie chicken can continue after dinner. Hunting them can continue until a half an hour after sundown. Partridge are hard to find, but often they find the hunter and scare them until they realize what they are.

Year after year, hunters around the globe enjoy the sport of hunting. It is important to follow all the laws. Disobeying these laws will result in a fine or jail term. It will also destroy the natural habitat of animals and reduce the amount of game. It may even drive some animals into extinction. Whatever animal you are hunting, be sure to follow all rules and be sure to hunt them in season.

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