The Stockmarket
Eugene Vaters Collegiate
St. John's, Nf

By Robyn (grade 11)

Many people view the stockmarket as an expensive and unrealistic game for anything but the upper class. In reality, however, the stockmarket can be fun and exciting for people of all ages.

Penny stocks cost, for example, as the name suggests, just pennies. To get into the stockmarket without a costly broker you can see your bank and ask about their stock options. Many banks have 1-800 numbers through which you can do all your buying and selling via a touchtone telephone. This does cost you a small commission, but is generally up to three times less than that of a broker.

To choose which stock you want to invest in, you can follow several stocks to see which are stable or on the rise. Articles in the business section of national or local newspapers may also be of help. Stocks can cost from pennies to thousands of dollars, so selecting stocks within your price range is imperative.

Following your stocks can also be done through the press or by 1-800 numbers offered by your bank. By using these numbers you can find out exactly how your stocks are doing from one moment to the next.

Playing the stock market can be amusing and stimulating, but it is also as unpredictable as a lottery. So do not invest your life savings, but you can take a chance and have a ball with the money burning a hole in your pocket.

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