So you're Canadian, eh?
Turner Fenton Campus
Brampton, Ontario

By Rachel (grade 10)


In April, Turner Fenton's music students participated in an exchange program with the music department from Magna Vista High in Ridgeway, Virginia. Approximately 80 students came to see the sights of Toronto, and experience the "Canadian" life. The American students were billeted by Turner Fenton Campus students for two nights and three days.

During their stay, the Turner Fenton Campus bands combined with the Magna Vista marching band to play as an ensemble for an in-school concert. Many events were planned by the music department head, Mary-Louise Marcus, along with the Music Council. Events such as the Murder Mystery Party and Medieval Times dinner were a big success. Other trips included an excursion to the Royal Ontario Museum. A luncheon also took place to thank all of the students involved in the billeting.

"It turned out to be an even more enjoyable experience than I had expected," says Marcus. "The two groups clicked so beautifully." Former Music department head, Karen Wilson, participated in an exchange with the head of the Magna Vista music department, Fred Lewis. The connections between them became an asset for this year's exchange. A return visit may be in store for Turner Fenton Campus' music department next year.

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