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The Atlantic Music Explosion
Sacred Heart School of Halifax
Halifax, Nova Scotia

By Priya (grade 8)

Suddenly, music from the Atlantic Provinces has had an explosive increase in the response from the public. Two bands in particular have had a great impact on music listeners. Sloan and Great Big Sea are just two of the bands that are in great demand right now.

Sloan is native to Halifax, N.S. and Great Big Sea is from Newfoundland. Sloan has released an album called "From One Chord to Another" featuring many singles including the new one "Everything You've Done Wrong." Great Big Sea has many singles featured on their album, including "Goin' Up".

Both of these bands played at the MuchMusic Video Awards on the 19th of September. This is a big event for rock, alternative and R&B music listeners. Although they weren't nominated for any of the main categories at the awards, they were well received by the many viewers. As well, Great Big Sea recently played on the Dalhousie University Campus in Halifax, N.S., for the university's freshmen.

My suggestion would be to run out and purchase a CD or tape copy of these bands because they're moving fast!

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