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Multi-Million Dollar Stadium !
Discovery Collegiate
Bonavista, Newfoundland

By Matthew (Grade 12)

In 1996-1997, the town of Bonavista, Newfoundland, has the opportunity to be involved in the Cabot 500 Celebrations. Over one million dollars was given to Bonavista by the Canada/Newfoundland Agreement on Economic Renewal, in a provincial strategy to develop tourism in the province. With the money, Cabot Stadium, appropriately named after the historical John Cabot, will be repaired and renovated in order to prepare it for the celebrations.

The stadium is located at the entrance of Bonavista, next to Discovery Collegiate High School. This convenient access allows school teams to make use of the facility. The school uses the stadium for hockey and broomball as well as leisure skating. The community is involved in such activities as general skating, minor hockey and figure skating and the stadium can also be rented for recreational hockey. Throughout the summer the building is used for town events and concerts. The 2200 square foot structure can hold approximately 1250 people during the winter and, with the additional rink area during the summer, the space fits a total of 2260 people.

The improvements to the stadium, which begin in early October, will include repairs to flooring, dressing rooms, banquet room, bathrooms, plumbing and the exterior of the building. Despite the amount of money being spent on the stadium, there are students who think it is not enough. One student says " ...the stadium is obviously in need of repair. There should be more money available in order to set up a recreational centre of some sort." The Vista 97 Committee, on the other hand, feels that the stadium will be suitable enough to accommodate the Queen and other activities when the need arises.

With the assured supply of over a million dollars, there are numerous plans for activities in 1997. The 1.2 million dollar project will help to ensure that Bonavista will be able to provide a suitable venue for some '97 festivities. The Cabot 500 Celebrations will include many exciting events and festivals, so come and join in the fun!

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