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Embarrassing Moments... Everybody has ‘em
Turner Fenton Campus
Brampton, Ontario

By Lisa (grade 9)

Have you ever had something on your face and not known? How about a sticker on your back that said "Kick me"? Well, everyone in this world has had embarrassing things happen to them, from the little piece of broccoli stuck between your teeth when you are talking to your crush, to letting a loud one go in science class. Both can be pretty embarrassing.

"I had just bought a hot plate and when I was leaving the line I tripped and spilled my food all over me," says a former grade nine student. "This happened to me when I was in grade nine and everyone was laughing at me!" Even though he didn't see how funny it was when it happened to him, he now looks back on it and laughs.

Some students might be thinking right now, "What if something like this happens to me?" Maybe your friends will tease you for a while, but most of the people who saw it won't even remember the incident the next day. By then, you are probaby joking around about it with yourself anyway.

"At our Christmas concert, I wore a short skirt. When I was running down the aisle, I fell in front of the whole audience and my skirt flew up." says a grade nine student.

"One day I was walking in the cafe and I saw this really cute guy. I couldn't help but stare at him. The next thing I knew I had walked into a table and fell on my face," said another grade nine student.

Here are a couple of common ones: "I got lost on my first day of school. I felt really stupid." And, "I was going to my gym class and as I walked into the change room, I noticed it looked different. I then realized it was the guys’ change room when they all turned and stared at me. I quickly ran out."

Remember, the sooner you can laugh at yourself, the sooner the pain of embarrassment goes away, and even though your friends are all laughing at you now, you will probably be laughing at them for something just as embarassing tomorrow.

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