Top Groups and Songs Picked by Grade 7 & 8 Students
Bonaventure Meadows Public School
London, Ontario

By Jason (grade 8)

#1 NIRVANA - Teen Spirit

#2 Smashing Pumpkins - Bullet With Butterfly Wings

#3 NIRVANA - Come As You Are

#4 I Mother Earth - Another Sunday

#5 Bush X - Come Back Down

#6 Green Day - Brain Stew

#7 Moist - Silver

#8 No Doubt - Spider Web

#9 Silver Chair - Tomorrow

Tied #10 Beck - Where It's At and 54 40 - Lies To Me

This reporter thinks that NIRVANA will still be the most popular group next year because of the fast, hard beat. The beat gets hold of your brain and ears and keeps you listening. All you want to do is to keep turning it up! The best record NIRVANA made was Never Mind. The group's leader, Kurt Cobain, thought it was the best as well. He said that he achieved the sound he was hearing in his head with this song. I recommend you to listen to this CD and song. It's loud, but almost soft sometimes. I think it must have been hard for Kurt Cobain to pave the way for grunge rock, but he did it with NIRVANA and this song.

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