My Idea For the School of the Future
Riverview High School
Riverview, New Brunswick

By Greg (Grade 10)

In the future, there would be no need to get rid of the teachers or the schools. Students would come in on Monday mornings from 9:00 to 12:00 to pick up the week's guide to what should be studied for the week. Every Friday, a series of tests would be given during the day. Having the week open would let students study at their own pace, take breaks whenever they choose and eliminate school violence.

At the same time, teachers would be available for extra help (in person or through the telephone), extra-curricular activities and make-up tests. Libraries would also be made available for research. However, for those with Internet access, teachers would still be available for help, especially through the use of e-mail or even the world wide web with IRC chat and video teleconferencing. Students would also be able to communicate with other students with the same tools allowing them to form study groups and to do peer tutoring. Those without these connections would probably have local access to community networks in places such as the library, volunteer organizations and even their schools at night.

This new form of education would neither require the amount of school supplies needed today nor high school fees. Standard supplies like textbooks, pens, paper, etc., would be required only by the minority of students who don't have the computer hardware.

This new school would be successful for a number of reasons such as encouraging the use of technology, reducing the high costs of education, providing better education to more students, and making school less stressful for both students and teachers.

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