Nova Scotian Crystal
Sacred Heart School of Halifax
Halifax, Nova Scotia

By Emma (grade 8)

Opening in the fall of 1996, Nova Scotian Crystal will be the first operation of its kind in Canada.

Nova Scotian Crystal is a factory and showroom located on the historic Halifax waterfront in downtown Halifax, Nova Scotia. The factory will produce mouth-blown, hand cut crystal that will be sold in the showroom.

Making the crystal involves a considerable amount of skill and knowledge. The crystal will be produced by a group of Irish craftsmen who came to Canada to work and to train Nova Scotians in the ancient art of glass-making. Many of these men have worked in this field since they were 15 or 16 years old.

A ton furnace is used to heat and melt the raw material, mainly silica sand, at extremely high temperatures. The molten crystal is taken out of the furnace on hollow blowing irons and blown into shape. The crystal is then cooled in cooling kilns and cut on diamond wheels. It is then polished and packaged for sale.

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