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With The Year 2000 At Their Fingertips
Cabri School
Cabri, Saskatchewan

By Darla and Michelle (grade 11)

With the year 2000 at their fingertips, Cabri High School has been fortunate to be given the opportunity to move boldly into the future. In the last year the school has made many new advancements. Cabri has gained access to the Internet, the World Wide Web, and E-mail. Cabri now has seven computers hooked up to these programs and in the near future will have even more.

These programs give the students and staff a chance to learn of the world around them. It is important for the students to learn how to use these computers, and be able to find their way around the Internet. Workers of the future will have to be comfortable with computers and beginning computer work at a young age will make it very easy for them.

Another new addition to our education is the new curriculum. For grade ten, Cabri began a new math course. English courses have also changed. Grade eleven students, are the first to take this new course. The new English course will provide students with a chance to escape the old books that have been read for years. It will give students an opportunity to read and deal with more recent novels, short stories, and the media. This is good because students in general need to be moving into the future, and if they are always reading books that deal only with the past they will not learn about the reality of the here and now.

Cabri's students are very lucky to be among the first to experience these new technologies and programs, and know that future classes will also benefit from these changes.

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